If you have a special occasion coming up, consider something that can be enjoyed for years to come by hiring me to complete an original piece of art. Each one is uniquely and personally designed and are on 11" x 14" archival paper or gallery-wrapped canvas unless determined otherwise.
S & H not included.

Choose from a:

  • Pencil Sketch starting at $125
  • Colour Chalk Pastel or Tonal Pen & Ink from $195
  • Watercolour or Acrylic from $295
  • Additional Art Poster prints $15 each


Wedding/Engagement Gifts

It might be a couple's 
silhouette in a favourite landscape
a floral bouquet or a montage. 

These pieces are suitable as a group gift or as a special gift 
from the groom to his bride.

Family Tree

Sketching a family tree is always fun and unique. I love nestling names and/or dates in amongst the branches of the family's favourite tree. This design includes up to 10 first names, established year and 2 surnames. 

Add ons: $3/name, birthdate, or illustration

Childhood Home

Childhood homes or settings can bring back good memories for many. I like grasping the essence - the character of a place or experience, after interviewing the clients and gathering reference photos. Even vague recollections without specific reference photos can become tangible realities.

Tonal Pen and Ink Drawing

Reference PHOTO 

Pet Portraits
Spending my first years on a farm with a pony, a retired racehorse, pigs, chickens, an ornery rooster, dogs, cats and a crow name Shoeshine, I have since studied animal anatomy and love capturing and interpreting the the personality of each pet in a natural way.

Reference PHOTO of Brava and Calli

Acrylic PAINTING of Brava and Calli

Event Favours

Mini-Paintings on Easels for Party/Wedding Favour
Floral Impression or Monogram:
10 for $95

2" x 3" paintings on easels


I have designed and painted various themed murals at several venues from BC to Ontario over the years and would be happy to work with you to design a special feature or room for you:

Highlights: A Playful Calf nursery on a Saskatchewan ranch - - a French Garden teen room on Canada's west coast - a Greek Island bathroom in a St. Catharines condo - a Vineyard Sunroom in Niagara-on-the-Lake - a Sea Turtle bedroom in Vineland - a co-design of two-story outdoor Vintage Ice-Cream Parlour in Niagara Falls.

Details of  an After the Flood Noah's Ark Mural
 Nursery in Ontario
Detail of an Elegant Heron dining room
 in West Vancouver, BC.

Simple acrylic 12" x 24" murals starting at: $275*
4' x 5' Trompe L'oeil starting at: $495*

*Excluding applicable travel expenses.
Free quotes and preliminary sketches available.
Enquire about mock ups.

Book Cover Art

Includes digital image of an original design and 2 hours discussion/modifications. Starting at $150

Traditional Hard Copy 

Note: I will not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. I design my own characters and unique graphics. I will work with a designer to fulfill her own design by applying my style.

Thanks for dropping by. 


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