Friday, December 8, 2017

Under the Clutter III

(I couldn't help myself. Sorry.)

DeGLUTTING. . .It's all about letting go.

I first heard this term as a teen. It meant not being gluttonous with STUFF. I liked the term but somehow its application alluded me - I REALLY did get good at decluttering because as I practised getting rid of things, even more would come into my life! I was gluttonously attempting to hold on to the stuff of memories. When I finally recognized that it was my MIND that was gluttonous, the inner release of anxious "glutting" starting to become deglutting (not just decluttering). See my previous post: Clutterer II. Now my overarching goal is to MAKE room in my mind and life for creative expression and not worry if memories fade or even go away. I do this practically by NOT collecting more things than I can manage and by living more in the moment than in the past. As my last post on cluttering and my final challenge...Remember: Once and for all DeGLUT, don't just deClutter again and again!

The 7 Steps to Freedom CHALLENGE


1. Get 4 boxes, a felt marker, a garbage bag and label each box thus:

  • Box 1 - Give Away (this can be stored in a closet until it is full)
  • Box 2 - Garbage (lined with bag)
  • Box 3 - Sell (optional - for garage sale or online)
  • Box 4 - Decide Later (optional, if needed) meaning I'll-pack-it-away-and-decide-later box (This box MUST be dated one month from today).

2. CLEAR OUT: Clear everything off the surface/area and clean it. Enjoy that moment of NOTHING there and brew yourself a cuppa.

3. NEEDS: Next, pull out everything that you need (to use, not just to look at) and place it near where you will use it. If there is nothing you need, go to the next step.

4. QUESTION PERIOD: Go through the rest of the items asking questions about each one until it finds its way onto the surface/area or into one of the boxes. Questions like "Does this item give me joy or a feeling of guilt? Do I like it? Do I care for it? Would taking a picture of it suffice? Might someone else appreciate or be able to use it more than I do (the pass-it-on principle)?

5. ARRANGE: Now arrange everything pleasingly on the surface/area, without overcrowding. For decorative items, think about groupings in threes (or other odd numbers), group blending items together (you can grab items from elsewhere in the house). You've created a quiet and beautiful place for your eyes and mind. This is a gift to yourself.

6. ENJOY: Enjoy your new space. It's a great beginning. This is how I started and now I have many usable and pleasing places in my home.

7. REMEMBER: Remember to visit the "Decide Later" box which you have labeled with the day/month. You may find it's easy to give it up then. I DO admit I have a couple "Keepers" bins to hold childhood or very sentimental things, but I take photos of many things I thought I would need to keep the rest of my life. What freedom to let it go!

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