Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Under the Clutter II

REcovErIng Clutterer

This is what USED to be my favourite mug which read "a creative mind is rarely tidy. . ." I loved it because it was so funny (there WAS truth in the funny). However, it also silently haunted me as I brainwashed myself into thinking it had to be true inside and out, always and forevermore, Amen. Eventually I connected my identity to most of the things I owned. This meant it became hard to let go of things because it felt as though they were actually a part of me!

With a tendency to clutter, I've probably read a dozen organizational books in an effort to gain control (all with great tips and tricks and systems but few of those bandaids stuck).  It is only when I realized that I needed to make more space in my mind first in order to see any permanent changes in my environment. I had to realize that the truth was that my stuff owned me and not the other way around. And for me to become productive creatively, I had to make space outside (in my workspace) while simultaneously releasing the clutter inside (my head). Recognizing this was half the battle...

BUT I am still working on the other half.  Since that revelation, I have been asking questions like:
  1. "If I get this new item, what old item will it replace (space and use wise)?"
  2. "Why do I feel I need to keep this?" 
  3. "Do I even like this thing?" 
  4. "Does this item give me a sense of joy or guilt?" 
  5. "Could I just take a photo of it and pass it along to someone who would actually use it?"
Now as an active "Recovering Clutterer", I have been able to focus my creativity more and become a little more efficient. I feel relief. I have more time to paint. I could highly recommend several resources, but it is the 12-step program Clutterers Anonymous that I find gets closest to the heart of the matter for me.

This room featuring one of my pieces is NOT my living room - YET.  
But look how good she looks when there is enough space for her! 

4' x 5' acrylic on canvas "Branches through the Snow II"

P.S. I gave the mug away a long time ago.

CHALLENGE for the day: PICK out a piece of art, sculpture or photograph that you already have in your home and clear the area around it. Make the space an uncluttered place to FEATURE it. Send me pictures!

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