Monday, November 20, 2017

Under the Clutter I

DecorARTing or Creative Clearing

As an artist, I love opportunities to apply my skills in various areas. And as a recovering clutterer as well, I was thrilled to recently help someone streamline a few rooms in her lovely home. After taking a hard look at what I had to work with and asking several questions, I put the practical items where she uses them, stored a few items that might find a new place elsewhere in the home (or a new home all together for things she didn't even like or care about) and then featured the most artistic pieces in groupings of what I call "like attracts like" items - one theme pulls them together (Colour, purpose, material, etc.) while being sure there was variety within the theme (eg. size or texture). This freed the eye to appreciate the many beautiful things she owned - which also showed off her innate talent of finding gorgeous stuff! Here is just one example.



Today's Challenge: 
Go try "creative clearing" a surface for fun and inner peace. 
Send me your pictures!

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