Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Art is made to be Shared

I find that my introverted creative nature still craves interaction - with both other creatives and art appreciators. Carmel Fine Arts and Music Festival proved to satiate these most recent cravings. It is always exhilarating to share new art with hundreds of new people, once I get beyond those jittery feelings of vulnerability. I so appreciated all the feedback on my show and especially on specific pieces.

This paraphrased response sticks with me "Your art is more than a nice picture...it draws me in and invites me to experience it." It thrilled me that my desire to reflect nature or pull people toward it is coming through so clearly. And the comment that it goes beyond the physical to the spiritual confirms that I am able to grasp and express some of the inner vitality of the subject.

"Freedom" by Lorenda Harder. Acrylic on canvas. 1' x 4' 

I bid adieu to a few pieces this weekend, including the largest in this weekend's exhibit, "Freedom."
I painted this piece with significant yet controlled passion - imitating the wave itself and totally focused from beginning to end on the sense of both the freedom and active peace I experience when watching even the smallest of waves hitting a shore. And with this, I bid you all adieu, wishing you both peace and freedom.


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