Sunday, August 6, 2017

Like a Facial for the Heart!


What's an ART SPA?? I first came up with the idea of offering "Art Spas" to others when I began using Chinese inks and discovering how therapeutic it was for me personally. By following the ancient Chinese rituals of observing and a few simple techniques, it slowed me down and made me more aware of my mind, body and the beauty around me. My breathing slowed and the calm process of ink painting from nature became key, not the product - though the product ends up uncontrived and beautiful.

Similarly, I have developed simple, expressive watercolour techniques and enjoy teaching how to paint sailboats in the lake, flowers in a vase or trees on mountains. I use a very playful approach and love sharing these tips and tricks with others for very happy outcomes. 

I have since taught children as young as 6 a simplified introduction to these artforms and it is one of the most satisfying activities I know. 

So I have decided to offer this to ladies who need a break from the crazy busy lives they lead. I want to keep the group more intimate, so I am limiting it to about 6. I'll demonstrate, then we'll observe, paint and sip beverages.

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