Friday, July 21, 2017


14" x 16" Unique Hand-pulled Collage Block Print on rice paper, 1982
Featured in my Ocean Encounters Exhibit, St. Catharines, ON. Jun-Sep '17

As a teen I learned what "Kamehameha" really meant: A Hawaiian word pronounced “kə-ˌmā-ə-ˈmā-hä” meaning “set apart." In Japanese it denotes a giant wave. In this print (collaged items glued on a board to make the print block), I was standing there in the wind, arm over my head trying to control my hair and the other against my torso attempting to keep my dress under control. The thundering Pacific waves pounded the north shore of Oahu. I hoped to show in this print both the threat and awe of the ocean and a relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds. This moment on the beach was a powerful and worshipful one for me as I looked out over the wild edge of the ocean: Just a short while before, I had been caught- more like sucked up- in a riptide, and after a compact Job Prayer, the memory of hearing how to respond to a riptide (submission to the wave) and trust that I was in God's hands no matter what happened, I was spit back to safety and swam to shore. After I recovered, I stood there on the shore feeling quite “set aside” for whatever purpose the Creator might have for me. 


  1. Fascinating story, Lorenda. Your commentary really elucidates your art. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks so much Deb for your accolade!